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Eufy camera range extender

Eufy camera range extender

Wireless systems give you the freedom of being able to place them anywhere without having to crawl into an attic, finding outlets and running cords.

This is particular true if you are setting up a wireless home security system that allows multiple cameras such as the Anker eufyCam E Homebase E kit which allows a massive of 16 cameras, all cameras being p wireless security cameras with degrees wide lens and 7. Eufy is planning to release a Wifi range extender in the next 2 months so it will be interesting to see how much of a boost it gives the Homebase E unit. The Homebase E unit sends and receives signal from the cameras and stores the recorded footage on a 16GB microSD card, which is also included.

There is no backup battery inside the Homebase E unit which means the eufyCam E cannot continue operating during a power outage; hence the eufyCam E isn't completely self sufficient from a house power supply.

If the camera is in standby mode, no video streams are saved to NAS. If you are serious about surveillance recording, you'll most likely get more than two eufyCam E cameras so it's a good idea looking into Network Video Recorders NVRs instead of NAS because NAS devices require that you have a licence for each connected camera. Most NAS vendors offer free licenses for up to two cameras so if you want to add a third or fourth eufyCam E camera later on, you would need to purchase extra licences.

To enable 2-way talk, you simply press and hold the microphone icon on the eufy app. When motion is detected, you receive a prompt alert to your smartphone with a video clip of what the camera saw by whatever triggered the camera's motion detection as it happened. The motion detection is pretty accurate but accuracy depends on the size, angle and speed of the subject. The two-way talk feature means you could use the eufyCam E as a 2-way talk baby monitor as this feature turns the eufyCam into essentially a two way radio like a walkie-talkie.

EufyCam E's two way communication is clear but since it uses wireless, instead of radio frequency you get some delay the further the cameras are from the Homebase E unit. The eufyCam E camera has a built-in alarm siren sounder that is triggered by the built-in accelerometer when someone tries to yank the cameras.

Preliminary result of the survey:

You can trigger the alarm manually and so can you trigger the Homebase internal alarm which is much louder than the eufyCam E camera's alarm module. The alarm siren sound is fairly loud decibels but don't expect it to be as loud as a building intruder burglar alarm. If you plan to use the magnetic mount, it would be wise to mount the eufyCam E cameras indoors or higher up outdoors to avoid the camera being easily reached. Combining the two cameras this would equal 20 videos a day, lasting 30 seconds each.

Luckily, the microSD card slot on the Homebase E unit supports Class 10 microSD cards up to GB so a card of this size would able to store for a whole year for 80 videos a day, lasting 30 seconds each.

The Homebase E unit measures 13cm tall, 13cm long and 6cm thick, and weighs grams 20 grams less than the camera. Just like with car batteries, the colder it is the quicker battery charge gets depleted; hence eufyCam E's claim of month battery life will depend also on the temperature of the location where the eufyCam E camera is installed.

You can recharge the eufyCam E cameras via the Homebase E unit and a mains electrical socket. Each eufyCam E camera weighs grams which is fairly weighty but then again, each camera has built-in to them a 7. Being non-removable means you will have to take the cameras down from wherever you fix them to recharge them via the micro USB port on the back of the camera which is protected by a white rubber grommet. Whether removable or non-removable, most batteries can be replaced at the end of their useful life.

They also offer day money-back guarantee should you want to return the product for any reason. Considering the long battery life of the eufyCam E cameras, you won't have to deal with the inconvenience of regularly having to recharge batteries. In fact, if you happen to have a portable power bank laying around you won't have to even take the cameras down as you'll be able to temporarily hang it next to the cameras while they're charging.

You are also able to monitor battery charge via the Eufy Security mobile app, which is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The hardware for mounting the cameras is also included. The magnetic connection between the magnetic mount and the camera is really strong and secure.

It takes quite a bit of force to manually remove the magnetic connection by hand which is nice reassurance that the camera will not separate from the magnetic mount even under heavy gusts of wind. After downloading the eufy Security app, you simply signup for an account and follow the on-screen prompts. The Homebase E unit has to be added first in order to add the eufyCam E cameras.

The eufy Security app doesn't have a feature that allows you to reset the unit back to factory settings but you can delete all data from the eufyCam by removing it from the app and uninstalling the app from your phone.

eufy camera range extender

Alternatively, you can simply format the micro SD card from the eufy Security app.Do you have the eufycam E or the original eufycam? The eufycam E does not support AI smart detection, while the original eufycam does support AI smart detection.

My question is not whether my stuff supports A. I have the original homebase and cameras, I know they support the A. However, is Eufy even doing any development to make the A. I have setup 15 or so people in their smart detection myself included.

And over 7 months, I have never been notified that a specific person was detected, only that a person was detected.

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There is no way to improve their A. Eufy as far as I know has done no work on their A. Naeblis To be honest?! The eufy cam A. Read on:. Think it over.

Anway … even if they still would believe in their A. So it is nice this way … but sure, not how many of you wants it to work and how it was promised in the campaign. But as it sadly looks currently, we should be ever be happy about if eufy continues to develop, improved and fix eufy cam issues … at the moment … just silence and maybe the disappointing beginning of the end, of eufy cam. Many promises made, most of them not kept. Many open issues, most of them since months.

In short: Currently and with so many open issues and needed fixes and improvements, i would not expect any work on the A. It never really was an integral feature to the product. As much as I wish these other features worked flawlessly or even existedI am happy overall with my Eufycam system. I like the local storage, battery backup, and wireless setup. I just wish the app could connect to the homebase while offline same wireless network but no internet.

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A security cam! Naeblis There are two models of eufyCam series, eufyCam bullet style-old model sold on kickstarter and eufyCam E sea snail style-new model. Our engineers are still trying hard on perfecting the function of Facial Recognition. As a to-be perfect product, we do know there still many aspects of eufyCam that need further polishing.The weatherproof and wire-free Arlo smart cam blazed a trail incombining security and simplicity in a cute, convenient package.

Several generations later and with a slew of new lines on the way, Arlo remains one of our favorite outdoor cameras. Fully wireless, EufyCam can be installed indoors or outdoors, with an IP67 rating that ensures water resistance and operation in temperatures between -4 and degrees Fahrenheit to 50 degrees Celsius.

At the time of our review, with winter temperatures plummeting to -8 F Cwe were pleased to see EufyCam tackle the elements with ease. Alongside these relatively standard features, Anker is hoping enhanced artificial intelligence features can differentiate EufyCam from more established competitors. In hand, the smooth chassis feels robust and weighty.

The Eufy HomeBase follows a similar aesthetic but could be mistaken for a mini kitchen toaster. In a rare show of generosity, the kit also includes a pre-installed 16GB microSD card to get you started. Connecting the HomeBase is a simple matter of wiring the device to your router and then following simple steps on the app.

Voice prompts from the HomeBase speaker make the experience friendlier. Pairing each camera to your HomeBase is completed in seconds. In Optimal Surveillance Mode, clip duration is boosted to 60 seconds, and alarms are more frequent. In this mode, Anker recommends the camera is plugged into a power outlet. The camera manages to deliver a decent field of vision quoted by Anker at degrees, although that seems generous without a heavy fish-eye effect.

We found EufyCam did a great job at detecting motion and firing alerts almost instantaneously. Compared to Nest cameras, which allow you to add faces captured by your cameras to a facial recognition database, EufyCam requires you to add existing high-resolution photos from your smartphone.

That may be fine for family and friends but could lead to awkward conversations with your neighbors and the UPS guy. As for IFTTT, while Anker clearly displays support on the box and has promised the same to Kickstarter backers, at the time of writing, there are no recipes available for EufyCam. Certainly, EufyCam has lots of potential for future feature updates, if Anker can deliver.

While EufyCam delivers the basics, its differentiating features, notably in A. The smart security market is becoming so crowded, you can take your pick from accomplished systems at a range of price points.

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WiFi signal loss would lead to video loss, which makes you have no knowledge of what's happening to your property when you are not there. If your security camera WiFi signal is too weak, your videos will be unclear. How to solve or reduce your wireless security camera WiFi interference problems? How to make your wireless security camera WiFi signal reliable and stable?

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GET the 3 useful ways below to troubleshoot WiFi interference of your wireless security cameras. I feel your pain when you are suffering wireless security camera WiFi Internet interference. These 3 ways can help you to solve Lorex, X10 and other brand wireless security camera WiFi interference issues.

Well, some of you may complain, My wireless security camera WiFi is interfered with my micro oven or cordless phones, how do solve this WiFi interference issue? Co-channel interference is one of the main reasons why your wireless security cameras WiFi signal is interfered.

Anker eufyCam E 1080p Surveillance Camera: 12-month battery life & NAS Support

The best way to solve this issue is to choose less congested WiFi signal channel. As you may know, many RF radio frequency technologies including Bluetooth, walkie talkies, micro ovens, smart phones, etc. If your router is dual-band usually most routers are now all 2.

You can change the channel of your wireless security cameras into 5 5.

Anker EufyCam Security Camera Review: Not Fully Baked

However, the premise of changing your security camera WiFi signal channel freely is that your cameras are dual-band mode. Otherwise, it is impossible for you to change the WiFi signal channel. Note : If you want to know more about 2. You can use WiFi explorer or scanner to see whether WiFi signal interference is occurring.

It will show you the wireless channel nearby networks are using and recommend the ideal network for you to use. Physical barriers, such as building materials, are one of the most likely reasons that a WiFi signal cannot penetrate as far as it should be. View the below chart to see physical materials' effect on the wireless security camera WiFi signal. The best way to solve physical barriers is to move your router to a different location so that the WiFi signal can be picked up by your wireless security cameras.I live in a rental property - the landlord has no issues with us installing the cameras drilling into walls, etc but the 3rd one for our driveway is quite a distance from the Homebase.

Two questions - is the WifI embedded in the Homebase that connects the cameras? FYI, eufy was working on bringing range extenders to increase the signal strength between Home Base and the cameras. WiFi is actually a specific set of standards that operates at the 2.

The But eufy uses a specific frequency that consumes less power and transmits the required data. So, they have to make their own extenders and in the mean time you can find this work aroundcredits to professor. Also, visit this thread for more discussions on the range extenders.

What if you placed a small black hole between transmitter and receiver? The gravitational lensing effect would magnify the signal.

Need to not get to close to it obviously. So here we are in November. Any fix or update yet? The information you have provided linked to is useless at best - there is no way to create an ideal location for either the HomeBase hub nor the eufyCam E.

In order to get the HomeBase hub operational, I had to install a WiFi range extender - the hub is connected directly via network cable to that range extender. In order to provide a half decent signal to the two eufyCam, the hub is located in the frame of the window, line-of-sight to the two eufyCam. One of the eufyCam is located about 2 meters from the hub and display an almost full signal strength whereas the second eufyCam is located about 4 meters from the hub and display a weaker signal strength.

I was planning to install a third eufyCam at the back of the house, but without a range extender, the signal strength is almost null. I will keep using the eufyCam system until I find another system that offers better coverage - so far, neither the Arlo nor the Blink offer better range coverage. Wifi Extenders for EufyCam? AussieMediaGuy April 22,am 1. Ice1 April 22,pm 2. SpaceWalker April 22,pm 3.

365 Day Battery!? - Eufy Wireless Security Camera!

Ice1 April 22,pm 5. There are more than these 2 frequencies. So, they have to make their own extenders and in the mean time you can find this work aroundcredits to professor Also, visit this thread for more discussions on the range extenders.

LuieOutLoud November 4,am 7. SpaceWalker December 4,pm 8.

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Ice1 December 5,pm 9. SpaceWalker December 27,pm Since the function is still in the stage of beta test, our engineers will continue polishing it in the near future. Please observe for some time and see whether the recording resumes to normal or not.

If the issue still persists after rebooting, please try remove and re-add the camera in your eufy Security App. The specific steps are as follows:. Please save the important vedio clip before camera removal and also observe for some time whether the recording resumes to normal or not.

For further assistance, please contact support eufylife. Thanks so much for your valuable time! AnkerSupportthanks for the well described instructions below. But still no avail, not working like I would have expected.

eufy camera range extender

Thanks for the email, might send them off a note to see how this can be fixed. Anyway, the wifi connection was so low compared to my wlan router that I have to give back the system. I got only 12 meters max range in a downtown setting with just one wall in between! I can understand why this is inacceptable for you and why you give back the cam.

Not even a new date was announced. I have one zone set as a trial. The area in the activity zone has no traffic or people within the zone. I have only set to pick up people. However it records more than 40 empty activities per day. The sensitivity is set at After deleting the activity zone, I get less notifications with a higher sensitivity and wider area to monitor. AnkerSupport July 5,am 3. Is there a future date when the feature is released?

Best regards Christian.Thanks for sharing the blog post related To buy video security for factory. After reading this article you are saying there only 2 ways to boost the IP camera system With farther distance, the WiFi IP camera will adjust bit rate automatcially and sacrifice image quality eventually.

Penetrating the walls always weaken the signal significantly. We don't think the WiFi video surveillance are suitable for everywhere this moment. It has heavy video traffic especially when you have multi wifi cameras in the system.

Technically we are using the advanced compression like H. Almost all the latest cellular phone signal boosters available these days have a signal amplifier. The amplifier allows the signal to transmit on a better scale. Such devices work via repetition of the signal to allow the handset to pick upwards the signal better.

This is a great post; it was very edifying. I look ahead in reading more of your work. We all know PoE system is maintenance friendly. It can be enabled to shut down at night automatically, to collect relevant information remotely reset from network devices just like servers, printers, hubs, switches. Thanks all, Bob, Australia, My website. We journeyed with ADT because best 5 Home Security Companies of the carbon dioxide and fire monoxide keeping track of.

To my knowledge nobody else offers that.

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It really is outstanding component of imagination whenever we are certainly not in your house. You should continue writing such blogs, it was informative. Also, within your appreciation, I just want to add that nowadays, crimes have been increased that is why it is important that you measure all the precautions as to keep you and your family safe. I have checked this link this is really important for the people to get benefit from. A blog about IP video security solution.

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eufy camera range extender

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